Tuesday , October 19 2021

Razvan and Pete, back in the Kitchen with Nederburg

Razvan Macici and Pete Goffe-Wood share a passion for taste: Razvan for wine and Pete for food.

To mark the third season in the popular MasterChef South Africa series, the two have teamed up to trade their secrets in matching wine and food, with three short, fun-to-watch videos to inspire chefs at home.

Razvan is the cellar-master of Nederburg, the official wine sponsor of the food show, while Pete is one of three judges who will determine South Africa’s MasterChef, to be announced at the end of the season’s run in mid-December.Pork medallions with prune sauce, paired with WMR Merlot LR

Making the point that it’s the sauce rather than the central protein of the dish that should determine the choice of wine, they show how to make several basic, but foundational sauces to transform ordinary meals into masterpieces, and then what’s needed to vary them. With just a few extra ingredients, they transform these staples, creating new tastes that call for different wines.

A white sauce that’s good for mac-and-cheese, pairs well with Nederburg’s Winemaster’s Reserve Chardonnay. Add some fish stock, lemon juice, parsley and a splash of Sauvignon blanc and you have a fish sauce, that naturally needs Nederburg Winemaster’s Reserve Sauvignon Blanc to complement it.

Instead of fish stock, you could add some chicken stock, pancetta, peppercorns and a swig of brandy and you have the ideal sauce for an ostrich steak that begs for the Winemaster’s Reserve Shiraz.

In another video, they make a Hollandaise sauce for eggs Benedict, downed with a glass of Riesling. By adding a few seasonings, the sauce becomes a Béarnaise, served with roast rump of lamb, French fries and Cabernet Sauvignon.

In a third video, they make a red wine sauce. In one version they add prunes and a bit of rum, to enjoy with steak and Merlot; in another, they add chilli and chocolate, also served with steak but this time with Pinotage.

 Watch how it’s done:

MasterChef South Africa is broadcast weekly by M-Net on Thursdays at 19:30, from August 21 until December 18.

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