Monday , November 29 2021

Pat McCay returns with riveting new album, Ready

“I’ve been a fan of Pat McCay’s songs from way back. His voice is powerful, yet playful, and his performances have a rare honesty and spirit about them.”– Jeremy Loops

Pat McCay is back! Having launched a brand-new album, Ready, the Capetonian singer-songwriter has re-established himself in the South African music industry with a fresh lease on life after experiencing a seismic shift in his personal journey. 

Pat originally made his debut on the SA music scene in 2010 as Two Minute Puzzle, playing lively and versatile performances at well-known events like Flamjangled Tea Party and White Mountain Festival. His unique style set the stage for quick success and he rode this initial wave of recognition onto the stages of big music festivals and a number one hit on 5FM. 

However, it took a deep dive into the real meaning of life and a closer evaluation of self for Pat to find his true voice. Now proudly performing under his given name, Pat strives to make music that speaks to the heart. As a musician, he is charming and entertaining, with a well-developed affinity for operating in joy and vulnerability in quick succession.

The true appeal of the music that Pat brings to the table in Ready lies in the cleverly wrought intricacy and multifaceted trajectory of his sound. These days, this talented musician is fuelled by renewed dreams and an ineffable depth of feeling. His profound lyrics astound audiences, stirring emotion as they take root. 

“We live in a world that pushes the unattainable notion of perfection, and many of us live under the illusion that we will pursue our dreams one day, when all the stars align. Ready vocalises the idea that we will never truly be ready to take those first uncomfortable steps towards our destiny if we don’t start seeing failure as feedback. We need to realise that failing is not only okay, it’s absolutely necessary for growth. In this way, understanding that we’re never quite ready actually readies us all the more to move towards the journey we wish to take,” Pat explains. 

The album has already garnered glowing reviews from a few industry heavyweights, including Texx and the CityDirty Pink City and Small Town Music Blog

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