Monday , November 29 2021

You can still get your slippers and contribute to a great cause!

The celebrated annual Slipper Day, which is Reach For A Dream’s largest fundraising campaign, was scheduled to happen on 8 May 2020 but due to the lockdown it was postponed resulting in many children who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses are seeing their dreams being put on hold.

Dreams can’t be locked down though and that’s why we’ve partnered with Wimpy to bring you Slipper Week, which will run from 10 -16 August, and was a huge success!

Pieter Cloete, Francois van Rensburg, Ruben Delmage and Francois Botha from GROOTfm 90.5 joined in the fun with their unique slippers!

Missed the slipper week? You can still get yours! Click here to view the range!

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