Saturday , January 23 2021
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Willim Welsyn Goes Surreal With Collage Animation In Latest Music Video

Afrikaans rocker, songwriter and award-winning podcaster Willim Welsyn is back with a new music video for the song Die Saad Van Die Onkruid off his 2018 SAMA-nominated rock album Blitzkriek. Along with the video, new WAT Podcast episodes, a show at Up The Creek and an online merch store are in the pipeline as well.

The Video

Die Saad Van Die Onkruid is the first song on Blitzkriek, and also the first song I’ve ever composed in my head from start to finish without a pen, paper or musical accompaniment. As such, it was conceived rather than written. The lyrics is about a cheeky love triangle and a cursed family who are battling to escape a dark past. I was toying with the idea that this song could have worked really well on a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack if he happened to be a poor Afrikaans filmmaker,” says Willim. 

The music video, which Willim (also an experienced graphic designer) produced himself, is a challenging collage animation based on green screen footage that was shot by chance during a previous video session. 

“When we were filming the video for Al Die Cool Kinders, we had about 20 minutes of studio time left at the end of our session. I asked our D.O.P. Juan Le Roux to shoot some footage of the band jamming in front of the green screen, with the idea that I might be able to do something with the footage later down the line.”

Willim spent months trying to come up with a concept and eventually started experimenting with old magazine clippings that he used to create collage backgrounds. Every collage holds meaning that has particular bearing on each of the group’s members, as well as a few mysterious pop-culture Easter eggs. The result is a compulsive artwork that comes to life to the beat of a Karoo-anthem. 


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