Singer-songwriter, Janie Bay is nominated for a SAMA for her album Miscellany


Last night singer-songwriter, Janie Bay was nominated for a South African Music Award (SAMA) for her latest album Miscellany.

Janie Bay’s Miscellany was nominated for Best Adult Contemporary Album.

Janie Bay, had this to say, “I am so happy and grateful to announce my very first South African Music Awards Nomination! Wow! Biggest thank you to Warner Music South Africa for all that you do and to every single person who has supported my career and congratulations to all my friends who have also been nominated. 

Recorded in Johannesburg and Potchefstroom between June and August 2017, and produced by Jacques Du Plessis (The Parlotones, Josh Kempen, Shortstraw) and Ewald Jansen van Rensburg (Monark). Miscellany, is a bold expansive statement by a singular artist ready to be heard.

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