Monday , November 29 2021

New music video for Mooirivier

Today sees the release of a brand new music video by MOSES METRO MAN for their song, MOOIRIVIER, a feature song in the upcoming new Afrikaans movie with the same name by KAAPLAND FILMS, set for release in January 2015. MOOIRIVIER is a South African-made ensemble romantic comedy with 8 individual, interlinked plots that unfold during the countdown to Easter in South Africa – a first for a South African movie. It tells the tale of 8 couples – aged 10 to 70 – who go on a voyage of discovery to find out what love truly is – not the fairy tale version, but the comical reality of what it really takes to make love work in the end.2014-12-08 04.52.22 1

The original idea for the song originated from a poem written by frontman Jako Meyer which he wrote when he moved from Potchefstroom after living in the town for 10 years. The music for the song was written earlier this year, and Kaapland Films loved the song not only because it has the same name as their movie which was also shot in Potch earlier this year, but also because the song enhances the notion of ‘Love Wins, Always’, the slogan of the film – a great collaboration of song and movie.

The lyrics of the song are about the town of Potchefstroom, the Mooiriver flowing through the town, and memories created in the town with an element of nostalgia. The visual elements of the video enhance these elements as the shots were taken at specific special places in Potch.

The video, a Bouwer Bosch Films production, features a performance element by the band together with scenes from the movie with stalwart Afrikaans actors such as Tim Theron, Anel Alexander, Milan Murray, Hykie Berg, Amalia Uys, Diaan Lawrenson, Heinz Winckler, Leandie du Randt and more.

The song is more acoustic and folkish than any previous MMM offerings, but still features one of their signature big choruses combined with a big drum sound which fans have come to expect and love from MMM.

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