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Loki Rothman released a new single last week and it is HOT!

It’s been a year since Loki Rothman released two great singles – Blou with Laurika Rauch and Ons op ons eie for the soundtrack of the movie, Jou Romeo.  The young guitar maestro, producer and vocalist has been busy over-achieving ever since.

Loki and Laurika Rauch won a Ghoema Award for Best Ringtone and he also won a Woordfees award for Best Solo Artist in the Contemporary Music category.

He has scored the music for the film, Liewe Kersfeesvader which will be released on 17th November.  He recreated Laurika Rauch’s classic, Kyk hoe glinster die maan, as the theme song of this film.

Loki was also the musical director for the Bokkie Awards which was held at the Grand West Arena in Cape Town earlier in October.

Loki is back with the beautifully organic and sincere song, Wherever you go.  The song was released on Monday, 16th October and radio stations across the country have been quick to lap this single up.

Listen to Wherever you go:

A music video for this single will be released soon.

This time round, Loki has taken a different approach.

“Being a co-producer on previous solo tracks of mine I’ve decided to jump into the live room and just focus on my voice, guitar and being the artist for a change leaving Ben Ludik as the engineer and producer on this project.

It has been a total flip and relief of what I’m used to dealing with recording and production issues while performing. I can focus my energy into the performance and I think you can hear it in my new single Wherever You Go.

With Ben behind the controls we have achieved to bring out and capture my performance of this track.

It’s great to be the artist again for a change and I hope people can appreciate the honesty and sound of this new single,” says Loki.

Loki is currently busy writing new material for an album due for release in 2018.




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