Friday , January 22 2021
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Lex LaFoy taps into her inner magic.

South African rapper, business woman and health & wellness advocate LEX LAFOY taps into her home town inspiration in her latest single DURBAN MAGIC released on the 3rd of August 2020. Produced by BMS, the song emerged from a session she had at the Cultured Chaos Studios in her home city on the East Coast earlier this year.

In alignment with Lex LaFoy’s continued stance on support, empowerment and collaboration with women in music, art and business, she teams up with one of Fila SA’s online featured illustrators @_beingvisible (Puja Patra of India) for her designer-made single artwork.

When asked about her change of tempo and feel on her latest release, Lex responds by saying “As the whole world shifts into a new normal, part of this newness involves a maximizing of our faith and belief in our own magic. Still, being encouraged to create and collaborate amidst everything”.

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