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Howie Combrink releases his debut album!

It’s been a year in the making as Howie Combrink releases his debut album Eat It While It’s Hot!image004

Eat It While It’s Hot has already produced two hit singles with both “Don’t Be Sayin’ Goodbye” and “Change” playlisted and charting on radio across SA and Namibia. The music video for “Change” will also be released soon and is a one take shot video filmed in the streets of Maboneng Precinct in Johannesburg. The way in which the video was filmed also makes it a one of a kind music video for South Africa and an exciting release for Combrink.

SoundCloud link to listen to “Change”:

Music Video Link for “Don’t Be Sayin’ Goodbye”:

Engineered and produced by Combrink himself in his own studio, The Hit Lab, which he co-owns with Dale Schnettler from Prime Circle, Eat It While It’s Hot is made up of 11 incredible tracks. From the gently exhorting “Change” (“we’ve got to change the world today”) to the uncomplicated love song “Don’t Be Sayin’ Goodbye” and the irresistibly optimistic “Take It Easy”, Combrink effortlessly grabs from a range of genres to create a sound that’s distinctly his own. The result is an album that – like much of say Jack Johnson’s output – is the perfect antidote for a bad day; the kind-of record you can slip into your car’s sound system after a crushingly awful day at the office and know everything will feel ok when you finally get home.

“Releasing my own solo album has been a scary thing, because it feels like I’m giving a part of myself away, allowing the world into a small part of my heart and mind. I couldn’t be more excited to get this album out there, it has been a work in progress for a long time, but I’ve been lucky to work with some great people along the way and release time has finally come, so I hope you all enjoy the album. I can’t wait to start touring so look out for those dates in December and January”, comments an excited Combrink.

2014 has been a hardworking, but very rewarding year for Combrink.

The current single “Change” is playlisted on all the top radio stations in SA, including 947 Highveld Stereo, Jacaranda FM, KFm, Ofm, Algoa Fm, East Coast Radio, RSG, Mix FM, Radiowave Namibia and more! “Don’t Be Sayin’ Goodbye” topped the charts on Ofm reaching #1 on the SA TOP 5 and peaking at #2 on OFM Top 10, along with receiving incredible radio support from the likes of KFm, RSG, Jacaranda Fm, MFm (charting on the TOP 40 chart), Smile Fm and Bay Fm.

He has performed with high-profiled local talent such as Jeremy Loops, Gangs of Ballet, Prime Circle, Dan Patlansky, The Parlotones, Graeme Watkins Project, Michael Lowman and Bouwer Bosch, as well as touring constantly and reaching new fans!

Catch Howie Combrink live in the Cape in December as he tours with Watershed, with more Solo dates to be announced on

Download Howie Combrink’s album Eat It While It’s Hot now on SA iTunes:
Standard Version of Eat It While It’s Hot –
Deluxe Version of Eat It While It’s Hot –

The iTunes Deluxe Version of the album includes three Bonus tracks of which one track is a great cover of The Black Keys single “Lonely Boy”.

1. Don’t Be Sayin Goodbye*
2. Change*
3. Cloudy Days
4. The Light of My Day
5. When You’re Not Around
6. Koala Girl
7. Take It Easy
8. Yours Forever
9. In A Dream
10. Crazy Minds
11. The Road

*Singles from album

“Change” single is released proudly in support of RADA. Learn more about RADA on

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