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Hot new summer release by Rumswinger – ‘Disco Dream’!

The recently released single, ‘Disco Dream’ is a track that causes its listeners to experience a series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations within the first few seconds of the song and unavoidably triggers disco-esque dancing and grooving frenzy.

Behind this electrifying new single is none other than the vigorously charismatic brand of electro, Rumswinger who has fired up the stages of Rocking the Daisies, Rezonance, J&B Met, Flamjangled Tea Party, Cape Town Music Festival, Five for Change and some of South Africa’s hottest clubs locally and abroad.

“We went dancing in the city, looking for something new; we danced all night in a disco club and this is what we made for you,” comments Rumswinger’s sultry vocalist, Carla Louw with a cheeky grin.

This month, they’re gearing up to launch their sophomore EP with a big bang bash at Cafe Roux (CBD) on Tuesday, 21 November – so prepare to dance your socks off!

Their music video for ‘Disco Dream’ will be released soon and fans can keep an eye out for it from the beginning of December.

Rumswinger are far more than a poster-band for the electro-swing genre; they have redefined this musical space by infusing their own brand of crazy into the contagiously euphoric madness that characterises this effervescent mix of vintage swing, electro, house & POP. This 4 piece outfit boasts the entrancing and energetic Carla on lead vocals, Lee Lips on Trumpet, Simon on Saxophones, Marne ‘King Louie’ behind the decks punching out the big and bruising back-beats.

They’ve hit stages around Amsterdam, the Electro Swing Revolution in Berlin, Tokyo Japan, Philippines, Bali, Vietnam, Thailand and Namibia. The full band has an absolutely electrifying stage presence, moving between instruments, dancing, interacting with the crowd and everything in between with unadulterated ease – a must-see live act.







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