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Gavin Edwards releases debut album!

Today, 21 October 2016 sees the official release of The Voice runner-up, GAVIN EDWARDS’ phenomenal debut album, SILVER SKIES.

The album was produced by Denholm Harding at the legendary B-Sharp Studios, together with JP De Stefani and Harshn Reddy. GAVIN sourced songs from writers all over the world – as well as one of his own originals – to compile the track listing of the album. The album also features two covers, Say Something (with the sublime vocals of Karlien van Jaarsveld) and The Climb. The album was recorded in four weeks in-between GAVIN’s shows across the country.gavid-edwards-silver-skies-pack-shot

“I wanted to keep the album upbeat whilst also keeping the lyrics motivational, and make sure that whatever song went onto the album, was exactly the sound I wanted. I also definitely wanted to make an album for radio; it’s all about putting out something which radio will love and that people would want to hear pumping through their radio on their way to work,” exclaims the singer about his debut album.

GAVIN chose SILVER SKIES as the name of the album because it was one of his favourite tracks on the album and is about “being in a place where you’re doing great, feeling amazing and always chasing after silver skies.” When recording the vocals, GAVIN made sure to limit the takes to one or two to ensure his voice kept the live raw emotion he is know for, imperfections and all.

“I couldn’t be more excited and proud of this album! I’m also a little nervous because I really hope people will love it as much as I do. It’s filled with upbeat songs, some funky tunes and a couple of power ballads with a production which is out of this world.”





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