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Elvis Blue releases new music video

After a fantastic weekend at the SAMAs walking away with the award for “Beste Kontemporêre Album”, ELVIS BLUE is riding a wave of success. Today sees the release of ELVIS BLUE’s brand new music video for his single, THE TIDE, which hit the radio waves in May. THE TIDE is the first single from Elvis’ new album, OPTICS, set for release this Friday, 10 June 2016.

“The video depicts a man who keeps walking despite many obstacles in his way.”

The video was directed by Gerhard van Rooyen from Spheratical Productions and shot in Pretoria in a curved roof warehouse in May. ELVIS came up with the idea of a guy walking with things being thrown at him while he marches on and Gerhard took it to the next level.

ELVIS describes THE TIDE as a song about pushing up against something bigger than oneself, something that one has to keep overcoming even though they know it will be challenging. This message is artfully depicted in the video.

“We all have things that consistently challenge us. With THE TIDE, I wanted to express how I experience that struggle, and I hope people can identify with it. I think we all have things we want to overcome.

“When I wrote the song I was spending time with someone who was battling something really big, someone who I really care for, who has a problem with alcohol. But I always think the essence of a great song is that it changes shape depending on the circumstances or situation of the listener.
Not everyone has this specific challenge, but everyone has challenges.”

Watch the music video:

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