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Connell Cruise releases new studio album

CONNELL CRUISE teamed up with world-renowned songwriters for Barely Breathing including Ido Zmishlany (Shawn Mendes), Scott Harris (Jesse J) and John Ryan (One Direction/Jason Derulo) to name a select few. The hit singles Congratulations, All Day and Wreckage are a couple of the tracks that will leave you wanting more.

About Connell Cruise

With number one hits, Not Just Friends, Into the wild and I Oughta tell you, there is no wonder that he is a multi-SAMA nominated artist.

While promoting his Into the Wild EP, Cruise had sold out a national tour in South Africa. Cruise has also had the opportunity to perform at the popular Bonnaroo and Firefly festivals in the US. His success continued when he toured America with Safetysuit, an American rock band from Tulsa, Oklahoma, currently based in Nashville, Tennessee.

To top it all off Cruise’s hit single “Into the Wild” was featured in Studio Canal’s animated 3-D family film trailer Robinson Crusoe. Cruise wrote the song “Endless possibilities” as the theme song for a major global TV campaign with PepsiCo/ Quaker Oats.

Tracks on the new album:


1.     All Day
2.     Congratulations
3.     Wreckage
4.     Never Ever
5.     Broken Dreams
6.     Halfway
7.     Run & Hide
8.     Your Fool
9.     Untouchable
10.   Let It Go
11.   I Am Your Man (BonusTrack)
12.   Unbelievable (Bonus Track)









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