Monday , November 29 2021

Clout lead singer Cindy Alter thrives off first single in over a decade

Magic is what happens when a world-famous singer and fresh young music producer from Johannesburg put their heads together to come up with one of the finest pop singles to ever come out of South Africa.

Cindy Alter (former front lady of multi-million selling girl-band Clout) has released ‘Thrive’, her first solo single in over a decade. The self-composed song was produced by Brendan Campbell (known for his production for radio hit-maker Daniel Baron) and is an inspirational anthem that, in just over 3 minutes, speaks of Cindy’s journey through mega success, abuse and surviving cancer. The lyrics “I’ll do more than survive, I’ll thrive,” are self-explanatory and show Cindy’s mind-set to thrive in whatever decisions she makes in her life.

“After hitting a low point a couple of years ago, someone said to me I needed to go beyond just surviving and I needed to pull out something from deep within me to thrive,” said Cindy, who is working towards completing her third solo album, which will reaffirm her position as one of the best artists to come out of South Africa as an international success story. “I have expressed my revelation in ‘Thrive’ and hope that it inspires people around the world to push the boundaries of just existing into actually living their lives and doing well.”

Cindy obtained global accomplishment with Clout over 3 decades ago and their single ‘Substitute’ became a chart-topper in ten countries across the world and was kept off the top of the UK charts in the number 2 spot by the theme song from the hit movie Grease. The band had a string of very successful international hits including ‘Save Me’ and ‘Under Fire’ and has sold, to date, in the region of 12 million albums. ‘Save Me’ topped the charts 35 years ago in Germany and has ignited renewed interest in both Clout and, in particular, Cindy.

Cindy went on to form another hugely successful band Zia, and then took a leap of faith to move to Los Angeles in 1990 after a gruelling abusive relationship. She stayed there for 15 years performing, writing and recording her music and hosting workshops for up and coming song writers. After fighting back from leukaemia, Cindy returned to South Africa and in 2006 teamed up with Stewart Irving (ex-Ballyhoo) to form the country duo Alter Irving.

‘Thrive’ is available on iTunes and other digital platforms. For more information on Cindy, click to and follow her on Twitter – @CindyAlter.

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