Friday , February 26 2021

Cazz releases her debut music video for Tipsy

Following the release of her incredible debut single “Tipsy”, Cazz presents her debut music video for “Tipsy”:

Johannesburg-born Cazz released her debut single “Tipsy” towards the end of October last year and has brought a sexy new edge to a music scene in desperate need of some female presence.

“Tipsy” has been embraced by radio across SA and shooting the music for her debut single has been an exciting venture for 21 year old Cazz:

“It was an incredible experience because it was my first music video that I have ever done and I am so proud of it and my team. Everyone involved in the process of making the video a reality is under the age of 25, which is really cool because they are the up and coming generation of film makers.”

he music video for “Tipsy” stages the occasional moments in life where unexpected bliss occurs. It illustrates the feeling of falling in love with a close friend, and building up the courage to break out of the dreaded friend zone. Filming of the music video took place over 3 days and was shot on location at the Vaal Dam and a farm called Bartlett Eggs, just outside of Johannesburg.image007

Even though it was a fun experience, the video had its challenges as there was hardly any sleep for the crew during the 3 day shoot. The crew and Cazz had to keep working till midnight each day to make sure everything was ready for the shoot the next day, and everyone had to be up by 3:30am to be back on set and ready to shoot as the sun came up to catch the ‘golden hour’.

The week of the shoot also saw heavy rainfalls in Johannesburg, which delayed filming as well. One minute it would be perfectly sunny and then suddenly a cloud would break and everyone had to rush under cover and wait for sunlight again before they could return to filming. This was the biggest challenge during the shoot, but it did not break their spirit and they loved every minute of the video magic they were creating.

Cazz’s favourite part of the “Tipsy” music video is the night scene, which saw all her friends join in on the music video shoot for the evening celebration scene. The scene was also beautifully enhanced with the use of the boat flare and giant sparklers. “It was the smoothest day of shooting and it ended up being one of the most aesthetically pleasing shots. None of us wanted it to end”, comments Cazz.

A massive thank you goes out to the crew involved in the making of the “Tipsy” music video:
Kohl Make-up Academy
Producer/Actor – Luke Sharland
Director – Reinhard Delport
Directory of Photography – Briony Sam Macleod
Editor – Luke Gordon

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Twitter – @CazzOfficial

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