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Cassadora releases debut single! And it is HOT!

Friday, 23 June 2017 sees the official release of CASSADORA’s debut single, HOW MANY DAYS. The debut EP, set for release on 28 July 2017, is also available for pre-order from today.

A sound driven by dreamlike and distinct vocal melodies, alternative pop act CASSADORA blends heartfelt grittiness with upbeat attitude. Born the brainchild of front-woman Natalie Poppy, CASSADORA formed in 2017 after Poppy concluded months of conceptualising, composing and creating in studio with award-winning South African music producer, Greg Carlin.

Carrying a mellow yet vibey tune, HOW MANY DAYS was written in March 2017 and is inspired by the human attitude of wanting to get over something quicker than you’re heart will allow you to: “How many days do I have to feel this way?”

With a clear pop influence, blended with alternative elements of rock whilst adding a bit of tropical flare, CASSADORA describes the single as a reflection of knowing when to open your heart versus knowing when to guard it.

“I still don’t really have that balance down to an exact science, but this song is about the constant learning that goes into being an emotional human being.”

Listeners can look forward to hearing a golden thread of understated yet powerful vocal performances coupled with short and sweet melodic riffs; a theme throughout the musical bouquet that CASSADORA will soon be releasing.






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