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Carla Cay releases new single

Carla Cay, formally known as Carla Oberholzer is a South African born Singer/Songwriter.

Carla is best known in the South African Music Industry for her work as a songwriter and has written multiple Award Winning and Award Nominated albums for South African Artists such as Amor Vittone, Heuning, Alexandra May and Marlene Vermaas.

Now, starting her career as an English Artist, Carla Cay will bring a New, Fresh sound to South-African listeners as well as around the world.

With her first self-written single “Oxygen”, Carla Cay is sure to be someone to watch in the SA Music Scene.

Carla was raised in an Afrikaans household and loves everything outdoors related including motorcycling, fishing, target shooting and camping.

Carla is a soft-hearted individual who loves people and animals and has a great love for helping those in need.

Carla wrote her first song before she was even in primary school and the love for it has just grown from there.

Carla received her talent and love for Music and Writing from her Mother (Aletta) and her Grandmother (Louisa).

With her experience and success as a Songwriter, Carla is sure to bring a unique quality and sound with each song she brings out in the future.

“I am so excited for the release of my single “Oxygen”, because I write all the songs myself, I have such a deep connection with the lyrics when it comes to the singing part, my work is not just another song to me, I feel it, live it, breath it, it’s a part of me and that’s why I love what I do so much”.

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