Monday , November 29 2021

Brendan Peyper is the new Buddy Holly!

Lefra Productions has just announced that the South African superstar, Brendan Peyper, is to play the role of Buddy in the brand-new musical, BUDDY – THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY, written by well-known West End author Alan James, which is to be presented at the Emperor’s Palace’s Theatre of Marcellus from 15 May to 10 June 2018.

Frans Swart, producer of BUDDY – THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY, says he is thrilled that Brendan has agreed to play Buddy. “I have been watching Brendan for quite a while now, and he is incredibly talented. At the first photo session, we put black-framed spectacles on him and gave him a guitar, and bam! there was Buddy Holly right before my eyes!”

Buddy Holly was very young when he was killed in a plane accident. “Yes,” Swart said, “he was only 23 when the died, but he was actually the pioneer of rock ’n’ roll. In his brief life, he wrote many more hits than many other singers. One only has to think of songs like Peggy Sue, That’ll be the day, Oh Boy, Maybe Baby, True Love Ways, Heartbeat and many others.

“It is wonderful to be able to bring this West End musical to South Africa again to celebrate the life and talent of Buddy Holly, It’s the most successful musical in the world, remember – more than 25 million people world-wide have seen it! And of course the most important aspect of the musical is that it’s the party of the year!”

Brendan Peyper (21) is in seventh heaven to have been chosen as the new Buddy.

“I couldn’t believe my ears when Uncle Frans (that’s now Frans Swart, the producer and director) called me and asked if I would like to play the lead in Buddy Holly! I was in a total flat spin – I’ve never acted on stage, and I didn’t even know who Buddy was!”

But the young Brendan learnt quickly who Buddy Holly was and about the huge role he played as the front runner of rock ’n’ roll as a music genre.
“Once I realised how big the production is and what a wonderful challenge it is, I jumped at the opportunity. I have been getting voice coaching to help me master the South American accent of Buddy Holly. Phillru van Achterbergh, actor in FIELA SE KIND among others, is my coach, and I have to say, he is brilliant. It’s great to learn the language of movie aliens – and I’m getting there! Rehearsals began last week, and honestly, it’s been the most amazing jamming ever!”

Well-known Saranti Rheeders is the musical director, with Frans Swart as director.

Brendan Peyper, who grew up on a Free State farm, became famous almost over night with his first single, Stop, wag, bly nog ´n bietjie. It got more than a quarter of a million views on YouTube.

Brendan matriculated from Jim Fouché High School in Bloemfontein. He is a splendid rugby player who studied sound engineering at the University of the Free State before deciding to make his love of music his first priority.

With a guitar in his hand and sincere, catchy lyrics, Brendan has been enchanting audiences from a young age.

“Music is my everything, and it is my heart’s desire to touch and change people’s hearts through music,” Brendan says.

For more about Buddy Holly’s plane accident click here.

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