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Alexandra May release her debut single entitled – Amazing

The David Gresham Record Company is proud to announce the release of the debut single of teenage pop sensation ALEXANDRA MAY, entitled AMAZING.

Alexandra has been wowing the South African public since the age of 11 in a number of high profile theatre productions, dedicating her heart and soul to the arts at a very young age. She describes Amazing as being a fun, bubbly pop song with catchy hooks, retro elements and a positive message.

“The song is about meeting and knowing an amazing person, who everyone says might be wrong for you. But the message is to know yourself well enough to know who is right for you. Finding that special person, I hope, will happen to me one day. I think most people can relate to that.”

Alexandra sees Amazing as the perfect introduction to her seeing as it represents everything she loves in pop music whilst reflecting her signature voice and artistry.

Buy AMAZING here on iTunes!

Alexandra is currently working on an EP, set for release later in 2016.





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