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Afrique mon désir on tour in France June 2018 and CD lands international distribution deal.

Afrique mon désir/Afrika my Verlange on tour in France June 2018.


Laurinda Hofmeyr, Schalk Joubert, Dylan Romano and guest artists in France: the world- renowned accordion player Daniel Mille and Jaja Junior, Nzelo Ladau Paulin, Nicole Adjabe Barbare and Chris Bakalanga.

Directed by David Kramer.

Music Director: Schalk Joubert.

Animation by Diek Grobler with graphic stills by David Kramer.

Afrique mon désir (Africa my longing / Afrika my verlange) is a 75minute multi-media world music production, directed by David Kramer, featuring the multi-award winning South African singer and composer Laurinda Hofmeyr, bassist and musical producer Schalk Joubert and the Afrique mon désire ensemble, presented by the Cape Town Music Academy (CTMA).

Laurinda Hofmeyr was approached by CTMA CEO Nico McLachlan in 2016 to consider setting French poetry to music for the Afrique Mon Désir project. Hofmeyr says: “This idea was a huge challenge for me. I have not busied myself with any French since my Varsity days. But taking this chance was extremely rewarding. I discovered incredible poetry and met wonderful people and musicians. Afrique mon désir brought together different themes in my life. It feels as if everything somehow worked together for all of this to happen.”

Afrique mon désir explores a wealth of African poetry from francophone countries Madagascar, Mauritania, Ivory Coast, Tshad, Cameroon and all the way back to South African shores with the Afrikaans poetry of Breyten Breytenbach, Antjie Krog en Eugène Marais. This literary feast is combined with African inspired music, to produce an energetic multi-media production titled, Afrique mon désir.

The French tour opens in Paris at the New Morning Theatre on June 15th. This popular concert venue is known for its warm and jazzy atmosphere. Rhythms of jazz, folk and blues music resonate within the walls of the establishment and make the audience vibrate. Big names such as Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie or Prince have performed in this room. Afrique mon désir will also be staged in Poitiers, Cenon (Bordeaux) and Ruelle sur Touvre.

Christian Pizafy from Terraine Bleu, the co-organisers of the tour (together with CTMA) says that “UTSF Gironde section”, one of the traditional partners of *MC2A, organized a special event for the concert. They are a non-profit association with the aim to promote the Senegalese culture and cultural exchanges with France. Pizafy says: “When they heard through MC2A about the Afrique mon Désir project, because of Breyten Breytenbach’s link with Goree Island in Senegal and the “Francophone” that is conveyed in the project, UTSF expressed interest in working with us. Their first idea was to involve Africa mon Désir in their annual cultural festival called Senefesti. Unfortunately, the dates of the festival did not correspond to the availability of the group. However, they wanted to do something with AMD at all costs and took the initiative to hold a concert in Palmer Castle. The AMD concert will be the launching event of their festival that will take place in July.

*MC2A: Migrations Culturelles Afriques Aquitaine aims to promote cultural exchanges between Africa and the Aquitaine region (Bordeaux.)

Mesmerising animation films, created by award winning South African artist, Diek Grobler, accompany the music, making this production a unique experience where languages like French, Afrikaans, Lingala and even some Swahili, Tshiluba and Kikongo) flow seamlessly into the universal language of music.

Friends and family in France that would like to attend the concerts can book here:

International distribution deal for Afrique mon désir album

The Afrique mon désir landed an international distribution deal with the French Company InOuïe Distribution. It is available worldwide from Paris to Stockholm to Tokyo.

Go to SA Tunes Afrique mon désir iTunes to order locally and  click here if you live elsewhere and would like to get a copy of the album.

South Africans can purchase physical copies via Hofmeyr`s website. The albums are packaged beautifully with a booklet that contains artworks by Diek Grobler and translations of all the tracks in French, English and Afrikaans. Link to order here: www.laurindahofmeyr.co.za/winkel.

The project is presented and supported by the Cape Town Music Academy (CTMA).

Vicky Davis, programme manager at CTMA says that they are proud of the fact that the album landed an international distribution deal. “Not many Afrikaans artists have had this privilege. It is CTMA`s aim to introduce contemporary South African music to an international audience. We are excited about the upcoming tour to France. Afrique mon desir is our launch project and we are very happy with the response so far and believe that more international interest will be ignited by this tour.”

CTMA is a not for profit company (NPC) that seeks to create opportunities for local, established and emerging musicians and related artists in the Western Cape. The objective of the CTMA is to conduct a public benefit activity which creates programmes and projects for the promotion of the work of local musicians, and the development of career opportunities in the South African music industry.

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