has some exciting news to share. The website is now also available to second and third language speakers … in English!


Afrikaans is an expressive, home-grown language. It is dynamic and here to stay. The language is catching up, growing up and adapting to be more inclusive of the world around it. We invite you to get curious and start sharing in its full wonder.

There is much to know about the language and the people who speak it. Discover some interesting facts … from the language debate to mother-tongue education, its origin and much much more. It is a rich tale of many tongues, twists and turns. Get introduced to the many Afrikaans organisations and projects that contribute on many levels and get excited about the people that make a difference.

With the helpful tools, links and information provided in our Learn section, you will find the support you need on your journey to success. This section includes pre-school, at school and tertiary support. In our Learn Afrikaans section,  you can find easy ways to improve or even learn Afrikaans.’s English website is for those who love the language, those who want to build a positive future for it in a diverse South African culture, or even those who simply want to enjoy the language and join in on the conversation! (How to find the English site: Go to, click on the English button, top right.)

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